About Molto.

Molto has Tasmania's most extensive range of international wines.

Passion for great tasting wine and food has run in our family for generations. We're incredibly proud to be able to provide the most premium high quality wines to the Tasmania region. View our collection by clicking the link below.

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Our History.

Molto is founded on the Lubiana Family’s love of wine.

Molto is the Italian word for many. Many good times, many wines, many tastings, many wine discussions and the list goes on. Molto is an expressive word in the Italian language for example, ‘molto bene’ many goods, ‘molto grazie’ many thanks. We think it very suitable word to express what we’re about.

It is obvious to many that Steve (a fifth generation Italian winemaker), and his son Marco (sixth generation winemaker) have a deep rooted passion for wine. In the second half of 2020 an opportunity presented itself for them to further express their passion with the purchase of a suitable and historic space on the eastern side of Hobart.


25 Melville is a beautiful heritage building located in the heart of the city. Its interior is blanketed in history and was once the home of many a small business. If only the thick textured sandstone and convict red brick walls could talk I’m sure they would have a tale or two to tell. The building perfectly presents itself as the home for the Molto project because it faces south, reducing light and warmth that are in no way friends to high quality, ageable and rare wines of the world.


The Molto concept is a Hybrid Wine Shop. Customers can order elegant small food bites of distinction, created and designed to compliment the unique, world class wine list. Highly desired and clever wines by the glass from small and sometimes tiny producers, as well as hard to find exquisite gems, will be on offer. Equally important, and the diamonds of Molto that will be stocked are high quality wines from Tasmania, mainland Australia and the rest of the World. The emphasis will be on small producers and those who are driven to produce organic and sustainble wines.

When you visit Molto, you will notice our care, knowledge and passion given one of our aims is to educate those, who will endulge us, about wine. The atomospher, will be welcoming, approachable and friendly. We have access to 4 experienced and qualified winemakers who can give unparalleled technical knowledge and advice, when requested. An online store is available for repeat purchases if you live outside of Hobart and the premises will feature a ‘high rollers’ room filled to the brim with rare and expensive wines. Feel free to enjoy purachasing, or just perusing when $$$s and time allows. You can have confidence and knowledge that if we recommend a wine, it will closely match your specific needs or occasion. Whether its a special birthday, a reward for the end of a long week, a palate gift for a collegue or loved one, we will have the perfect wine experience!
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