Natalie Fryar, the mastermind behind Bellebonne (Belle et Bonne - Beautiful and Good in French) established herself as one of Australia's leading winemakers specialising in sparkling wines during her 14 years at Jansz in the Pipers River, TAS.

The Tasmania wine growing region is critical to producing great sparkling wine, in Nat's own words:

"Our latitude is critical. We are right in the sweet spot geographically for the perfect combination of terroir... The island’s maritime climate provides a frost free environment, there's the long, cool, even growing seasons and the cold nights, and importantly, a high incidence of cloud cover providing a low UV or ultraviolet radiation. This all ensures the grape skins remain thin and translucent, with high acid ratio…so important for quality sparkling wines.”

Her first release was in 2015 and she has since been awarded many accolades. She was also dubbed the 'Rosé Queen' by renown sparkling wine reviewer, Tyson Stelzer.

Nat's passion for sparkling wine combined with the rugged landscape and seasons of Tasmania allows her to share wines of purity and precision. We have been lucky enough here at Molto to receive a select parcel and excited to share with you the ethereal wines from Bellebonne.

Bellebonne Bis Rosé NV - $45

With Tasmania’s beauty and strength captured in a bottle, Bellebonne Bis is about absolute floral and fruit gorgeousness. The aromas are a melody of strawberry, Turkish delight and rose petal. The palate is elegant and long with textures of fresh cream, brioche and delicate fruit.

‘Bis’ is French for ‘the space in-between’, which encapsulates the process and inspiration it took to make this exquisite non-vintage rosé. Winemaker's Notes

Bellebonne Vintage Cuvee 2018 - $70
60% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Noir. Palest gold. Complex and inviting aromas of strawberries and cream, lightly toasted hazelnuts, ginger spice and honeysuckle. It surrounds the palate with full, ripe fruit, the flavours gaining confidence with each sip. Winemaker’s Notes

Bellebonne Blanc de Blancs 2015 - $110

"Texturally it is a marvel, at once creamy and silky, yet simultaneously taut, determined and enduring" - 96 Points, Tyson Stelzer

Bellebonne Blanc de Blancs 2016 - $115 

Celebrating purity and longevity. 100% Chardonnay from the 2016 vintage. Abounding with generous pineapple, golden delicious apple, fresh fig and preserved lemon. Six years has blessed it with bountiful brushstrokes of brioche, vanilla custard and even a hint of nutmeg. Texturally it is a marvel, at once creamy and silky, yet simultaneously taut, determined and enduring. Enticing now, it has places to go over the coming decade, too. Winemaker's Notes

 The following wines are available on request. Please reach out to us at if you would like to purchase these.

Bellebonne Vintage Cuvee 2019 - $78

Bellebonne Vintage Rosé 2020 - $85




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